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Microsoft Excel Application Designed for Windows
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Please follow the General Instructions below to download Cv Trax XL to your Desktop.
Internet Browser download protocols vary, but the instructions below should help.



● After pressing "Download Free Trial", a "New Window" will appear near the bottom of the screen.
● Selecting "Open" will cause Windows to run a Security Scan.

Excel may display "Protected View" after opening with the following message:
    "This file originated from an internet location that might be unsafe" 
Enable Editing
The Enable Editing Button must be pressed to use the App.

Excel may also display "Security Warning" after opening with the following message:
    "Some active content has been disabled" 
Enable Content
The Enable Content Button must be pressed to use the App.

Cv Trax XL Health is safe, protected by Microsoft Security features and contains no malicious software.

                    Saving  ►

● From the File Tab at the top of the screen, select "Save As" and select "Desktop" from the menu.
   Note: "Cv Trax XL Health x.xx" will be displayed as the "File Name".
● Press the "Save Button" to save to your Desktop.

         Personalizing   ►

● From your Desktop, Right Click the File Name and select "Rename" to personalize.
● Enter "Cv Trax XL +
Your Name" in the Icon Name Placeholder.  Congratulations!