Cardiovascular Health & Rehabilitation Application
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Microsoft Excel Application Designed for Windows
Purpose: ►
To Provide Patients & Healthcare Professionals with the Tools, Knowledge and Support to effectively Monitor and Evaluate Cardiovascular Health and the Rehabilitation Process.
Improved Patient Health, Enhanced Rehab Class Participation, Supplemental Patient Education, Improved Patient Self-Monitoring, Daily Patient Diet  & Nutrient Graphics, plus a Higher Rehabilitation Success Rate.



Cv Trax XL was Designed by Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Patients.

Promotes Patient Participation in the Rehabilitation Process with Performance Feedback & Education
Extensive Nutrient & Calorie Tracking with Nutrition Facts Label (NFL) Education
Compares Patient Performance to Goals with Extensive Graphics
Medical Review:
Healthcare Provider Feedback with Printable Screens
Medication List:
Prescription Meds, Lifestyle Changes, OTC Drugs, Supplements, Herbs & Recreational Drugs
Treatment Plans:
Compares Patient Performance across 10 Different Treatment Plans
Patient Goals:
Automatically Assigned Nutrient & Calorie Goals via Q&A, but Also Adjustable

Weight Goal:

Displays the Number of Calories to Maintain Present Weight.  Calorie Goal Change as Weight Changes
Instant Help on All Screens, a Dedicated Help Screen and Trax News Articles