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Results are Usually Just a Series of Values.
Trax News attempts to take the mystery out of the mystery!
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06 Dec 15 2015 #65 Blood Pressure Flash
14 Oct 15 2015 #59 How Low Should You Go?
03 Apr 15 2015 #40 More Chart Screen Magic
26 Mar 15 2015 #39 Synchronized BP Results
27 Nov 14 2014 #26 BP Quad Plotting
17 Oct 14 2014 #20 mmHg BP Units
11 Sep 14 2014 #15 BMI & WHR
21 Aug 14 2014 #12 Mean Arterial Pressure
14 Aug 14 2014 #11 Pulse Pressure
31 Jul 14 2014 #9 Systolic & Diastolic

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