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bp Trax v. 1.18

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On June 24th 2015, a new version (1.18) of bp Trax was released to:


Improve Performance
Increase Usability
Fix a problem with the iPhone 6


Please download the new version from the Apple App Store if you havenít already done so.

Version 1.18 improves the following bp Trax features:


iPhone 6 >> Data Import:

This problem occurred while importing large amounts of data via iTunes and was discovered during testing after the release of the iPhone 6.  To our knowledge, no bp Trax users actually experienced this problem.  In any case, the problem is now resolved by improving how data is processed and exchanged with iTunes.



bp Trax >> Screen Guide:

The Screen Guide has been redesigned as a functional bp Trax overview.  Just scroll through the Guide to find appropriate functions and follow informative instructions.  The Screen Guide is located on the Utilities Screen.  Please press the More Button to view the Guide.



bp Trax >> Average Screen:

The readability of the X-Axis on the Average Screen has been improved by changing the font color from Black-on-Blue to White-on-Blue.



Next week Trax News will return to my Cardiac Rehab class where we can all learn how to live healthier lives through simple, but effective, Lifestyle Changes.






Mike Kohut, President, DDMS





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