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While walking with my wife in a local park, both shoulders suddenly began to ache.  Since I enjoy working on our 1890 era home, I assumed that my muscles were just responding to a little hard work. 


On that particular day my Resting BP was 93/64 with a pulse of 78; a little low, but not that unusual.

The discomfort occurred only while walking briskly and subsided with a slower pace.  This went on for several days with welcomed recovery periods on park benches. Of course, I was concerned.

Then, while watching a hockey game at home, the discomfort hit with intensity.  I then realized; it could be my heart!  Unknown at that time, it was actually an occluded Right Coronary Artery (RCA).  Yes, I was about to have a MI, you know, a Heart Attack!


Fortunately, my timely ER visit avoided the dreaded Heart Attack where heart muscle is permanently damaged.  The next day, a stent was inserted into my RCA to reestablish normal blood flow.  BTW, the procedure is totally painless and you get to watch the entire operation on TV.  How cool is that?


After a month of R&R, my cardiologist recommended that I join a Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Class to which a readily agreed!  Rehab Class consists of:


Exercise with ECG Monitoring
Weight, BP & Stress Management
Diet and Nutrition Education
Cardiovascular Health Education


Rehab Class, both a life saver and a wakeup call, conveys that it’s time to make some immediate changes!

Exercise, Pulse, BP and Weight are tracked by medical staff providing effective feedback as medication and lifestyle changes begin to improve patient health.  However, Diet and Nutrition were not actively monitored, leaving patients unaware of where they stood with respect to recommended Nutrition and Dietary goals.


We were told:
“You Are What You Eat”
   and that
“You Can Not Exercise Your Way out of An Unhealthy Diet”
So, it became crystal clear to me, that patients need to track Diet and Nutrients to gain an understanding of this most important health-restoring Lifestyle Change … what you eat!


Cv Trax XL is a new DataDancer App that tracks Diet, Nutrients (Sodium, Potassium & Fiber) and Calories against recommended daily goals.   The App is programmed in Microsoft Excel, but no special knowledge is required.   Pop-Up Help is provided on all screens.  BP and Weight are also tracked with immediate feedback.   Daily nutrients levels are graphed by Meal or Day while a calorie target is adjusted as your weight changes.  Thus, patients always know if nutrients are balanced and if weight vs. consumed calories is an issue.


Cv Trax XL is not just another App that tracks Diet and Nutrients.  It is designed to minimize time and effort by flowing dietary choices into Meals, Treatment Logs and a Summary Screen that compares rehabilitation progress across different treatment plans.  Cv Trax XL was designed by a Cardiac Rehab patient just like you.


Diet and Nutrient information is easily obtained from Nutrient Facts Labels (NFL) printed on all food products.  Don’t worry, we show you how to read and understand the NFL.


That quote stated above should read: “You Are What You Eat and ► Don’t Eat”

Download your Free Trial today at www.datadancer.com


Thanks for Reading Trax News!


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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