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Dietary Guidelines for Health & Life: The Bottom Line

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To shift an entire country like the USA from current Eating Patterns to those aligned with the Dietary Guidelines, collective action is required. These actions must involve a broad range of Sectors, occur across a variety of Settings, and address the needs of individuals, families, and communities.


These actions include:


Identification of successful approaches for change.
Education on healthy eating patterns and corresponding physical activity.
Access to adequate amounts of healthy, safe, and affordable food.
Change in social and cultural norms and values to embrace, support, and maintain  healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.



However, individuals can make instant changes to their personal eating patterns without waiting for governments and societies to get their act together.  


For example:


Read the Nutrition Facts Label on all foods so you know what you are eating.  Limit Sodium (Salt), Sugar and Saturated Fats.
Decide to make changes in diet and exercise patterns.
Implement your changes.
Look in the mirror, smile and track your weight.
Quit being a spectator and get passionate about something besides social media.



In The Beginning …

Whenever that was, humans ate what Nature Provided
Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Berries, Grains, Fish and Meat. A meat meal was probably infrequent, since humans were physical underdogs compared to our jungle competitors. So, in a nut shell, our digestive systems and biome (the bacteria in our gut) evolved to digest what Nature provided: 
A Diet



HIGH in Fiber, Potassium, Plant Fats & Carbohydrates
LOW in Animal Fats, Sugar, Salt & Cholesterol

Needless to say, if early humans couldn't run really fast and climb trees in a flash, they became a meal in a competitor's diet ... a meat meal! Humans had to be in top physical shape with early technology (spears) to survive and live another day.

In the last 100 years or so, our diets have totally changed. We now eat
HIGH QUANTITIES of Animal Fats (Burgers, Pizza & Fires), Refined Sugars (Soda Pop, Alcohol & Candy), Salt (Processed Foods, Fast Foods & Restaurant Meals) and Cholesterol (Meats, Cheeses & Fried Foods), while our Body Weight has responded with excess Body Fat Storage.

Yes, you can be saved by Medical Science and Pharmaceuticals (Meds), but the Quality of Life may not be worth living. Pills were originally considered temporary solutions to aid in health restoration, but now prescribed meds, supplements and OTC drugs seem to be a way of living. The “Claims” at the End of the Rainbow may not be what you have been led to believe by endless medical advertisements!

Therefore, you need to get back on track with a Healthy Diet & Eating Patterns, Routine Exercise and the Resolve to live a healthier life.  We now live in a virtual jungle filled with smoke, mirrors, alluring advertizing and white lies, but the dangers are the same ... but with delayed devastation!


Bon Appétit



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Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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