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Nutrition Facts Label - Footnotes

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The asterisk (*) used after the heading "%Daily Value" on the Nutrition Facts Label refers to the Footnote located at the bottom of the label.  The Footnote indicates that "%DVs are based on a 2,000 calorie diet". This statement must be on all food labels, but the supporting information may  be absent if the size of the label is too small. When the full footnote does appear, it will always be the same. It doesn't change from product to product, because it shows the recommended dietary advice for all Americans.  Thus, it is not about a specific food product.


The amounts circled in Red in the Footnote section are the Daily Values (DV) for each nutrient listed and are based on public health experts' advice. DVs in the Footnote are based on a 2,000 or 2,500 calorie diet. Notice how the DVs for some nutrients change with calories, while others (Cholesterol and Sodium) are at Maximum DV Amounts, and therefore remain unchanged.


How the Daily Values Relate to the %DVs


The table below demonstrates how the Daily Values (DVs) relate to the %DVs and dietary guidance. For each nutrient listed there is a DV, a %DV, and Dietary Advice or a Goal. If you follow the dietary advice, you will stay within the recommended upper or lower limits for the nutrients listed, based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet.



Examples of DV versus %DV
Nutrient DV % DV Daily Goal
Total Fat 65 g = 100 %DV Less Than
Saturated Fat 20 g = 100 %DV Less Than
Cholesterol 300 mg = 100 %DV Less Than
Sodium 2400 mg = 100 %DV Less Than
Total Carbohydrates 300 g = 100 %DV (At Least)*
Dietary Fiber 25 g = 100 %DV (At Least)*



(*) The text "At Least" does not actually appear on the label ... so, there is room for improvement!


Remember: You can use the Nutrition Facts label not only to help limit those nutrients you want to cut back on but also to increase those nutrients you need to consume in greater amounts.

NOTE:► Nutrition Facts Labels are displayed in Black Characters on a White Background. Colors used below are only educational aids.


Sample label for Macaroni and Cheese


The information in the main or top sections (#1,2,3,4 & 6) of the Nutrition Facts Label (NFL) can vary with each food product.  These sections contain product-specific information:

Serving Size


Nutrient Information

The colored sections on the example NFL are visual aids to focus your attention in those area that will be explained in detail in future Trax News articles.
The bottom section (#5) contains a footnote with Daily Values (DVs) for 2,000 and 2,500 calorie diets.  This footnote provides recommended dietary information for important nutrients, including





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