21 February, 2016    #71

Hearts Are Forever

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To prevent heart disease and increase awareness, “Trax News” is proudly participating in Heart Month.


Many of us are affected by heart disease, high blood pressure, and excessive body weight.  These conditions seem to be byproducts of lifestyles that seem harmless at first, but silently and steadily destroy our health and shorten our lives.


You may consider healthy changes to lower the risk of developing heart disease during Heart Month, but until you transform thoughts into action, your risk will slowly increase.


OK, here’s the bottom line to lower your risk of heart disease:


Watch your weight

(You are what you eat and don’t eat)


Quit smoking

(You already know this … time to act!)


Control cholesterol & blood pressure
(All of the above and below)


Drink alcohol only in moderation

(Alcohol is a self-prescribed drug)


Get active and eat healthy
 (Exercise daily, eat fruits & vegetables)



For more information, browse the Track News library.



Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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