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Good News from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA:


More intensive management of High Blood Pressure (BP) below 120 mmHg significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and death in adults 50 years and older!

This is according to the initial results from a landmark clinical trial sponsored by the NIH called “Systolic BP Intervention Trial”, or SPRINT.  The intervention carefully adjusted the amount or type of BP Medication in a group of patients to achieve a Systolic BP of 120 mmHg or less.

As a group, patients in the study who had their Systolic BP adjusted below 120 mmHg, as compared to those patients maintained at 140 mmHg, received the following cardiovascular benefits:


Heart Attacks reduced by almost 1/3
Strokes reduced by almost 1/3
Heart Failure reduced by almost 1/3

Death reduced by almost 1/4


bp Trax is the only BP App that easily compares the performance all your BP Treatments (Meds and/or Life Style Changes) so you can achieve the cardiovascular benefits stated above.


  We call this – Treatment Performance Technology ... it really works

The image above demonstrates the effectiveness of bp Trax and Treatment Performance Technology.  It summarizes my personal BP treatment data and performance over a 15 year period.  I am 73, and hopefully my "Low" Systolic BP will allow me to publish many more Trax News articles!

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