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How Old is Your Heart ?

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You may feel young at heart, but chances are your actual heart is much “older” than your real age, according to new research.  In a report recently published (2015/09/02), officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 3 out of 4 adults in the USA have a predicted “heart age” older than their chronological age, putting them at an increased risk for heart attack & stroke.


One’s heart age is determined by taking into account the following parameters:

   Actual Age


   BMI or Total Cholesterol & HDL

   Systolic BP

   Smoking Status

   Diabetes Status

   Hypertension Treatment Status



Calculate your cardiovascular or heart age age at the following web address:




There are 2 different heart age calculators:  BMI Based & Lipid or Cholesterol Based.  The link above will only display the BMI Based heart age calculator.



To change to the Lipid or Cholesterol Based calculator:

Click > “Cardiovascular Disease”, the top heading on the left side of the BMI calculator screen
Click > "Cardiovascular Disease (10 Year Risk) and Calculator"
Under "Risk Score Calculators" and under "Interactive", Click > "Using Lipids"



Please read the entire article with additional information at the following web address:



The average cardiovascular age for adult men was 8 years older than their actual age, while it was 5 years older for women.  We wish you Health, Happiness and a Younger Heart!






Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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