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Cardiac Rehab!

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After 30 minutes of stretching, balance and light weights, it felt good to restart my exercise routine after suffering with a cold for several weeks.  Arriving at the Park, I found it alive with joggers, walkers and motherís pushing babies in social work-out groups.  I reset my timer to 00.00.00 and began to walk slower than before, since I felt a little out of shape.


Reaching a pedestrian gate, I began to jog at my usual landmark.  Previously, I had run 14 segments with intermittent walking.  However, after about 100 meters, I began experiencing an ache in both shoulders which I attributed to several home improvement projects.  Eventually, the discomfort subsided, but I only ran 6 segments and walked the remainder of the 5 Km course.


On subsequent Park visits, the aching became painful at times, but always went away with a slower pace.  My wife became very concerned, when the aching started as soon as I began walking.  On that particular day, I only walked 500 meters before giving up.  I knew that something wasnít right, but my discomfort was both upper arms and not just my left!


Later that day, while watching a Saturday hockey game on TV, the ache became extremely painful and it finally got my undivided attention!  My symptoms were no longer attributed to strained muscles, and we immediately headed to the ER at Enloe Medical Center.


To make a long story short, my right coronary artery was 90% occluded!   On Sunday morning an excellent cardiology team inserted a catheter through my femoral artery in my right groin to gain access to my struggling heart.  BTW, this is a painless procedure and I was allowed to watch the entire process.


After injecting a radio opaque die in to the blood, my heart problem became obvious.  There it was, an occluded right coronary artery.  The cardiologist opened the artery by inflating a balloon to push back the plaque and inserted a stent to keep the artery open.  Once the stent was in place, all discomfort was immediately relieved.


I am extremely fortunate that I went to the ER when I did.  I could have gone sooner, but the GOOD NEWS is that I did not have a Heart Attack!  In other words, I did not damage the heart muscle!  So, I am now in Cardiac Rehabilitation for 12 weeks or 36 sessions and I invite you to come along as I share my experience in future Trax News articles.


See You in Rehab!

Continued: "Cardiac Rehab Overview", Article #48




Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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