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BP and New York City

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Last week, I attended the American Society of Hypertension meeting in New York City.  The Society meets yearly to share information on research, new treatment scenarios, instrumentation and patient management.  The good news is that Home BP Monitoring and Life Style Changes (LSC) are now becoming an integral part of the treatment process.


There are now established Blood Pressure (BP) treatment algorithms that guide physicians to prescribe specific meds depending on patient age and medical condition to effectively lower BP and prevent organ damage.  However, once BP is under control, patients also have the option of adding a LSC such as walking and biking to reduce or eliminate expensive meds and their potential side effects.  After starting a LSC, Home BP Monitoring and the bp Trax app with Treatment Performance Technology becomes a critical factor in understanding the benefits of exercise and meds.


New York City is quite impressive with skyscrapers, mega traffic and a concentrated population.   The place moves just below the speed of light!  Itís a place where I felt young physically, but it was obvious that at 72, I was winning the birthday contest by a mile.  What really impressed me most, was that there were very few overweight New Yorkers!   These folks are really in fantastic physical shape!


After my daily commute from Brooklyn on the subway and walking 6 or 7 miles each and every day, I began to realize that NYC is synonymous with exercise and physical fitness!  We simply need to walk fast 5 days a week for about 30 minutes to become human Ö again.





Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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