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BP Treatments (Tx) Screen

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The BP Treatments (Tx) Screen lists all treatments in chronological order.  Treatments can be Meds prescribed by your MD and/or Life Style Changes (LSC) such as diet, exercise and end smoking, or a combination of Meds and LSC.


By default, the 1st bp Trax Tx is pre entered as “Start Trax”.   Users with a current Tx can easily edit “Start Trax” to the current Tx Name.


It’s highly probable that your MD will treat your hypertension with multiple Meds and LSC at the same time to enhance medical performance.  bp Trax can easily handle combination treatments as a single Tx with a longer Tx Name.  Tx 3 below is a combination of a Med, Diuretic (D) and a LSC (Walking).  Since all the components of Tx 3 are affecting BP simultaneously, it is impossible to assess the contribution of each.  Therefore, bp Trax will process the combination Tx as a single Tx, identified as Tx 3 and Named “Med/D, 160/12.5 & Walking”.  Tx names are always user defined and abbreviations are helpful.


   Tx 1  Med, 160 mg

   Tx 2  Med & Diuretic, 160/12.5 mg

   Tx 3  Med/D, 160/12.5 & Walking



Main BP Treatments Screen

The BP Treatments Screen is a listing of all entered treatments, sorted by Start Date, in decreasing order to make the most recent treatments easily viewable.   Tx 1 is always assigned to the earliest Tx Start Date.  By design, ascending Tx Numbers (#) are assigned to specific Tx Start Dates.  This feature allows BP results, obtained prior to purchasing bp Trax, to be entered and properly managed, compared and analyzed.


Each Tx is viewed in a Tx Tag containing the following information: Tx Name, Tx #, Dosage and Start & End Dates.  The most recent Tx End Date is indicated by “----------“, since it has no yet ended.



BP Treatments Editing Screen

Tapping an Edit Icon within a Tx Tag, displays all editable Tx information.  NOTE:  bp Trax will not allow any Tx Start or End Dates to overlap other Tx Dates.  In other words, all Tx Date Ranges must be unique.   After editing, tap Save or Cancel to abort.

BP Treatments New Tx Screen

Pressing the (+) Icon on the Main Screen begins the process of Manually Starting a New Tx.  The Start Date is automatically entered with the End Date displayed as “-------“.  To complete the process, enter a Tx Name, Dosage and tap Save.   Tap Cancel to abort entering a New Tx.  The End Date of the previous Tx will also be automatically entered after saving.

Additionally, once Edits or New Tx are saved, all treatments previously selected on the Average (6 Tx) and Quad Plot Screens (2 Tx) will be automatically removed since Tx Numbering (#) may have changed.   To reselect treatments on these screens, just tap an available button.


Please read the articles listed below in the Trax News Library for an enhanced understanding of our Treatment Tx Performance philosophy, especially how and why Automatic Treatments are started and utilized to communicate Tx performance across extended time.


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bp Trax is simple to use and offers a unique treatment experience by helping both Users & MDs understand what treatments work best to effectively treat your hypertension.






Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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