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Ten Synergistic Sins

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The Seven Deadly Sins, according to Wikipedia, are violations against a religious belief system and are decisive.  In other words, if you sin, you will suffer the consequences, unless forgiven. Amen!


Whereas, the Ten Synergistic Sins are much more lenient, slow acting and violations against self.  Nevertheless, both groups of ‘sinners’ can be saved with small Life Style Changes, since the "Sins" intimately interrelated.  For Example:


If one begins Exercising, the desire to Smoke may decrease, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and the time available for Social Media! 
Simply reducing the amount of Salt used on a daily basis could disrupt a  Substance Abuse problem, reducing Weight and lowering Blood Pressure.  In this case, the substance being abused is Food!


Too much of the following …


May cause maladies such as …

1 Smoking  

2 Salt   Obesity
3 Sugar   Cancer
4 Stress   Diabetes
5 Sweeteners, Artificial   Cardiovascular Disease
6 Social Media   Divorce
7 Sedentary Life   Isolation
8 Substance Abuse   Poor Health
9 Self-Identity Void   Depression
10 Super-Sized Life   Death



Synergistic Sins seem harmless at first, but work together in unexpected ways to degrade health and cause disease over time.  The good news is that seemingly insignificant Life Style Changes have the opposite effect, restoring health and facilitating the rediscovery one’s true self!


We wish you Health, Happiness and
many more Dances!


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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