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The Chart Screen tracks and evaluates blood pressure (BP) performance within a Specific Treatment (Tx). 


At first glance, the Chart Screen seems to be a simple BP tracking graphic with supporting data.  In reality, the Chart Screen is actually composed of two, interrelated graphs: an Upper Line Graph and a Lower Bar Graph.


As discussed last week by pressing the Scan Button, tapping (<<) Scan Arrows (>>) or touching a plotted result in the Upper Graph, BP results corresponding to the position of a reactive Green Index Line are displayed in the Lower Graph. This unique feature allows users to instantly view a set of Synchronized BP Results.








A blue ribbon, with an imbedded white menu, separates the Upper & Lower Graphs and indicates those parameters plotted in the Upper Line Graph.  Additionally, Upper Graph parameters are further identified by corresponding parameter colors utilized in the Lower Graph.


The (<<) left & right (>>) menu arrows change parameter sets plotted in the Upper Graph.

Chart 1 is the default parameter set.


   Chart 1 SP & DP

   Chart 2 SP, DP &  PR or Pulse

   Chart 3 PP & MAP

   Chart 4 Weight






The Chart Screen tracks, evaluates and plots only one specific treatment (Tx) at a time.  However, treatments are easily changed via a menu located immediately above the Upper Line Graph.  Pressing the (<) left and right (>) menu arrows will change Chart Screen treatments in chronological order.  Treatment start and end dates are also displayed.


The Chart and Reading Screens are treatment synchronized allowing users to reference or edit results displayed on either Screen.


To compare side-by-side treatment (Tx) performance, just visit the Average Screen and select up to 6 treatments for comparison from a menu.



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