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Synchronized BP Results

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The Chart Screen tracks and evaluates blood pressure (BP) performance while using a Specific Treatment (Tx). 


At first glance, the Chart Screen seems to be a simple BP tracking graphic with supporting data.  In reality, the Chart Screen is actually composed of two, interrelated graphs: an Upper Line Graph and a Lower Bar Graph.


By pressing the Scan Button, BP results plotted in the Upper Graph are scanned by a vertical Green Index Line.  As the Line moves across the data, matching results are simultaneously displayed in the Lower Bar Graph. This unique design feature allows users to immediately view a comprehensive set of supporting results displayed in the Lower Graph.


A scan can be stopped when close to an interesting result by pressing the Stop Button.  For exact Index Line positioning, use the Right & Left Scan Arrows (>>).  The Index Line can also be positioned by touching any displayed result in the Upper Graph.








After selecting an interesting result in the Upper Line Graph, the matching supporting results are displayed in the Lower Bar Graph, as mentioned above.


The individual parameters (SP, DP, BMI, etc.) listed in the Lower Graph are plotted as horizontal bars that represent parameter values.   A vertical Red Target Line is located in the center of the graph and labeled Below & Above Target.  As a graphed bar crosses the Target Line, the bar color changes from Green to Red.


The Black text values displayed near the Target Line are the Upper Limits of Normal for all parameters.  Thus, bp Trax has “Synchronized” all parameter Upper Limits onto a single Target Line.


This unique design feature allows users to instantly recognize parameters that exceed the upper limit of normal. 


White text near the parameter names, indicate values of the result selected in the Upper Graph.  AVG values on the far right are Treatment (Tx) Averages for each parameter.  A Red AVG Value indicates a parameter that has exceeded the Upper Limit of Normal.  A Green AVG Value is below that upper normal limit.


Now, just press the Scan Button and view the Lower Graph for an interesting view of your BP treatment performance.





I will see you next week with
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Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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