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As discussed in our last Trax News, bp Trax is a fusion of “Treatment (Tx) Based” and “Time Based” blood pressure (BP) tracking technologies.  This design philosophy allows both you and your MD to Track, Analyze and Compare the performance of all your Treatments to find what Tx works best for you.  Please read Trax News #34 for an explanation of why bp Trax has a distinct advantage in lowering your BP.


Below is a summary of how Treatments are managed by bp Trax:



Start Traxis the default Tx Name when the App is first opened by a new user.  This default Tx Name assures that all BP results entered will be processed and displayed correctly.  If you have not started a Tx, “Start Trax” can represent your untreated or “Baseline” BP.  If you are already on a Tx to control your BP, please tap the Treatments Icon at the bottom of most screens to edit the “Start Trax” Tx Name, Dosage and Dates to correspond to your Existing Tx.


Treatments (Tx) can be Medications, Lifestyle Changes or a combination of both.

A minimum of 5 entered BP results are required to Compare, Analyze and Plot a Tx with minimum statistical confidence.
bp Trax can manage an unlimited number of Treatments.
A Tx can contain a maximum of 45 days of results with an unlimited number of results in any single day.  So, if you measured your BP 10 times a day, that Tx will contain 450 results.  Days can be consecutive or non-consecutive.
New Treatments are created Manually by the user or Automatically by bp Trax.  
  Manual Tx: If your MD prescribes a New Tx, tap the Treatments Icon and press (+) to create a New Tx.  All subsequent entered results will now be associated with the New Tx.
  Automatic Tx: If a Tx exceeds the 45 Day maximum limit, bp Trax will automatically create a New Duplicate Tx with the same Tx Name & Dosage plus a numerical identifier.  All subsequent entered results will be associated with the New Duplicate Tx.
Question: Why the 45 Day limit?

Functionally, a Tx can contain between 5 and 45 days of results.  Measuring BP twice/day, 5 days/week, for one month equates to about 45 results, a statistically acceptable number.


Additionally, once your optimal Tx has been established, bp Trax can continue monitoring your Tx performance by automatically starting Duplicate Treatments after 45 days of entered results.


bp Trax is designed to evaluate your BP performance across individual bundles of results called Treatments.  Only by separating results into Treatment Bundles can we Track, Compare and Analyze to find the Tx that works best for you.

Question: Can BP Results prior to bp Trax be entered?
  Yes, simply create a New Tx with corresponding Start & End dates.  Results falling within the New Tx Date Range will be entered correctly.



For more information, please reference the User’s Manual at datadancer.com:

(BP Treatment Screen, Section 9, Page 17)


Click BP Treatments Screen for a functional description of

Adding & Editing Treatments to bp Trax.



Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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