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As a programmer diagnosed with high blood pressure (BP) in 2001, I purchased a personal BP monitor and established my untreated or “Baseline” BP.  While monitoring my BP during several initial trial treatments with my MD, I realized that knowing how well I responded to each specific treatment was essential.  In other words, the effectiveness of each treatment, referenced to my Baseline, was key to finding the best treatment for my hypertension.  Treatments can be Medications, Lifestyle Changes (diet, exercise, etc.) or a combination of both.


BP Treatments are very personal. What works for one patient may not be as effective for another.  Googling the Internet for software that compared treatment performance was futile, since it just didn’t exist.  To make a long story short, I programed my own “Treatment Based” software so I could Track, Analyze and Compare the performance of all my treatments.  All software available at that time assumed that patients would track only a single treatment, falling short of my multiple treatment needs.


Most BP Apps available today only track BP across time, as defined by the dates of the entered data.  If results from multiple treatments are included, “Time Based” statistics will simply report the combined average of all treatments, with confusing results.  Although some Time Based Apps do allow users to define a range of results corresponding to a specific treatment, this singular capability cannot actively compare the performance of multiple treatments.  Thus, combining results across multiple treatments, using a time based product, may lure your healthcare provider to prescribe a less effective treatment.


bp Trax is actually a fusion of Time Based and Treatment Based technology.  We Time-Track and Analyze BP data within each specific treatment and then Compare those metrics across all your treatments.  We call this Treatment (Tx) Performance Technology or (TxPT), as it finds the treatments that perform best in lowering your BP.


Next week, Trax News will explain how TxPT is designed into bp Trax to help you and your MD find the best treatment to treat your hypertension.  Click here to Continue




Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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