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bp Trax Version 1.17

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On September 30, 2014 Trax News publish an article stating that bp Trax had a minor functionality problem with Apple’s new iOS-8 Operating System.  That problem has been resolved in version 1.17 which will be released shortly!


Please see the Trax News article “iOS-8 Problem” for a full explanation.


However, this resolution prevents users from previewing documents within unsent e-mail screens which includes a Cancel Screen function.


Thus, bp Trax now displays a PDF file icon instead of the actual document.   In other words, to view a bp Trax Report or MD Letter document, users must …


1st e-mail that document to themselves and,
2nd Open the attached PDF file to view the document



I know that this sounds like a step backwards, but Apps are always at the mercy of the host Operating System!


On the brighter side, bp Trax now has the following improvements:


An Alarm has been added to the Timer Screen to indicate that the countdown timer has reached 0.00.
The Trax News Library Button has been changed to reflect activation feedback to the user.
The Order of items in the Utilities Screen has been changed to improve usability.
A Resting BP Procedure has been added to the Utilities Screen.
Intended Use Statement on the Utilities Screen has been changed to indicate that bp Trax is not a registered medical device in the USA due to unfair and excessive government fees.
Programmed Text on document e-mails has been changed to provide improved instructions for viewing the document.
bp Trax® has been granted trademark protection by the USPTO.


We hope that bp Trax continues to meet your cardiovascular and blood pressure needs as we continue to evolve with improved technology & usability.




Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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