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Writing a Review

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bp Trax ® is designed with Push Notifications that automatically remind our users that a new Trax News article just arrived or to Rate and Review bp Trax.  I’m sure that you have seen one by now.


We encourage you to write a Review and to Rate bp Trax with (1) * to (5) ***** Stars, or from Poor to Excellent.  User reviews help App Store shoppers make informed purchase decisions and aid the manufacturer (that’s us) improve our design and/or add new functionality.  Your input is very important and appreciated.


If you have never attempted to write a review, instructions are provided below:


Rate & Review Procedure


Press the More (●●●) Icon to access the Utilities Screen > press “Rate and Review”.  On the “Rate and Review” pop-up screen, press “Rate bp Trax”.


After bp Trax is displayed in the Apple App Store, press the “Reviews” text and scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Press the “Write a Review” text to continue.


Next, you will be requested to sign in to iTunes by entering your Apple ID Passcode.


Following acceptance of your passcode, you will be asked to enter a User Name for your Rate & Review publication.


5 grayed Stars are displayed across the screen (* * * * *).  Please touch Stars from left to right to Rate bp Trax.  Five (5) Stars rate as Excellent (* * * * *).  Once a Star is touched, it will change from gray to red.


You can now write a bp Trax Review.  Thanks for taking time to help us and others.


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS





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