17 July, 2014    #7

Infamously Uninformed

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It was just another regular day at the Gulfstream Market, a small Cuban grocery store in Key West, where I was working as a bag boy. 


He carefully leaned his old beach-rusted bike against the outside window and greeted Pete as he entered with a grimaced smile. I had seen him before, but the way he carried himself, with a subtle confidence, contrasted with a bedraggled appearance.  I watched with intent, as he slowly meandered the tight isles while carefully checking his list.  I considered him down on his luck or maybe just another easy-living Key West transient without skills or education.   


Finally, at the cash register, he conversed with Pete in Cuban while I double bagged his groceries, as he politely requested. Something about Castro, and then he was gone with groceries struggling to maintain their balance within the bike’s front basket.


“Know whose groceries you just bagged, Mike”?  “No Pete, I don’t”. “Tennessee Williams”, said Pete!  “Who’s Tennessee Williams”?  I replied.




One of the many features of Trax News is to press the Pause Button from time-to-time and just reflect back on life.  I really enjoyed growing up in Key West where natives are known as Conchs.  I return every 5 years to attend High School reunions where my blood pressure is never a concern; I simply tune out and take a break!  It’s OK.


Every so often I’ll include one of my mini short stories for your lighter side.  I hope you enjoy these reflections as much as I do while writing.


“Lovely Rita” is being edited, so stay tuned for more grocery store excitement!


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS





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