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Life Style Changes

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Smoking, Exercise

Diet & Stress Management


Writing from life experience: I Smoked for 8 years, Exercise became a low priority, Gained Weight and failed to Manage Stress.  Over time, I slowly took my life back ... and so can you with bp Trax .


*** CAUTION ***

Please consult with a Medical Doctor (MD)

before attempting Life Style Changes


Smoking, No Exercise, Obesity and Stress are all associated with High Blood Pressure (HBP), Hypertension, Diabetes, and the Metabolic Syndrome (all of the above + Cholesterol)


Recently, a new BP Treatment Algorithm, or flow-chart, was published called JNC-8.  Its a guide that your MD can follow to treat your HBP.  The very 1st JNC-8 algorithm step is to implement Life Style Changes to help manage the treatment process; as paraphrased below:


Implement Life-Style Changes and Continue Using those Changes

Throughout the BP Management Process.


Even if your MD has prescribed medications, adding a Life Style Change improves your response to treatment.  Talk to your MD, but start slowly.


bp Trax is specifically designed to compare how you respond to different BP treatments.  For example, lets say your present BP Treatment is a medication called Med-1.  You can continue taking Med-1 and begin walking on a regular basis to introduce exercise into your Treatment Management Process.


By starting a new bp Trax treatment called Med-1 Walk, bp Trax can compare the effects of walking on lowering your BP.  After entering 5 results, just select the treatments to compare on the Average or Quad Plot screens.  bp Trax does all the rest.


This unique functionality is what separates bp Trax from other BP Apps.  Thanks, and have fun discovering what works best in lowering your Blood Pressure.


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS






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