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Happy New Year from ALL of us to BOTH of you. Yes, there are two (2) of every one of us … the “Conscious You” or CU and the “Unconscious You” or UU.  It’s a fact that it takes both to live a life!


With respect to New Year Resolutions, our intentions are always made with the CU and never with the UU.  Therefore, to assure that resolutions actually continue beyond January, the UU must be informed of our new goals.


The UU is a very busy life partner controlling blood pressure, respiration, digestion, system communication, and managing all that biochemistry; not to mention what’s required to keep us safe, healthy and alive!  The good news is that the UU functions automatically.  We don’t plan to breathe, blush or sweat, it just happens!  The bad news is that the UU has no understanding of the future!  The UU is always in the present tense and operating in the “right now”.


However, the UU has significant power over the CU to get what we want if it is continually reminded of what we want.  Just like incessant ads on radio and TV are eventually ignored and blocked by our CU, our UU is always listening.  Remember, the UU has no past or future, it is always hearing those relentless ad messages for the first time; in the “right now”!


So, if you really want to lose weight, quit smoking or learn to play the guitar, just continually inform your UU of what you really want.  It’s just that simple!  Follow the instructions below to realize your resolutions and goals in the New Year:




List all your 2015 Resolutions so they can be easily read and understood.



All resolutions must be very specific. For example, to lose weight is too vague.  It is best to write “I will weigh 155 lbs. or 70 Kg by July 1st”.  Your UU is not very good at guessing how much weight you want to lose.  You must tell your UU so it can influence the priorities of your CU.



Now, the easy part, simply read your list 4 times a day, every day, as described below!  For best results, imagine yourself already achieving your goals as you read your list.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Read your list …

After you awake in the morning

Before Lunch

Before Dinner

Immediately before going to bed



Wishing you success in 2015!

Happy New Year!


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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