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2 Good 2B True

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Lately, I have been receiving multiple e-mails attempting to sell me a new discovery to instantly lower my blood pressure (BP) or a pill that will melt fat away while I over indulge throughout the holidays.


If it sounds ďToo Good to Be TrueĒ, than thatís usually the case!  Be very careful of these products that promise instant results with a money back guarantee.


However, there are several easy ways to maintain, or even lower, your BP and Weight while enjoying the holidays:

Eat Less:
Use a smaller dinner plate
Drink water before a meal

     Eat slowly and enjoy the flavors

     During parties, enjoy friends!


Eat Smart:
Donít binge on junk foods

     Snack on nuts, fruits & veggies

     Manage alcoholic beverages

     Enjoy your holiday meal!


Spending too much $£•Ä  = Stress!

     Using too much salt or sea salt

     Sleeping after eating

     Second hand smoke


After Eating:
Quit eating!

     Take a walk

     Enjoy family & friends

     Give thanks!


Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of your health.  So, go ahead and have fun with a little planned moderation.  Trax News will provide more help in the New Year!


Happy Holidays!

Mike Kohut, President, DDMS




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