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BP Quad Plotting

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The Quad Plot (QP) is a unique scatter plot designed to display a comprehensive overview of treatment effectiveness. The individual blood pressure (BP) results from each specific treatment are plotted as clusters of data. The graphic position of these clusters correlates to treatments that work best in lowering your BP.   The QP is simple to use, easy to understand, plus ... each plotted data point corresponds to five (5) key parameter values (see below), aiding physicians in the treatment, analysis and understanding of patient BP.




Quad Plot Data Point Values

SP Systolic Pressure
DP   Diastolic Pressure
PP Pulse Pressure
MAP  Mean Arterial Pressure
Class  Classification of BP






Viewing multiple QP data clusters allows patients and physicians to easily understand which treatments (Tx) work best in lowering BP.  If a cluster is erratic or highly scattered, modifications to BP measurement procedures or other variables may be directed by your physician.


Treatments (Tx) are easily selected or cleared from the Quad Plot screen by pressing the Tx1 or Tx2 buttons.  After a button is activated, simply select a current or past Treatment (Tx) and press the Done Button.





Supporting data is presented as Parameter Averages for each QP Treatment:


 Averages: SP, DP, PR, PP & MAP
 Treatment Number: Tx #
 Treatment Name & Dosage
 Number of Results: N
 BP Classification: CLASS
 Classification Histograms


The diagnosis and treatment of hypertension is based upon repetitive sets of blood pressure measurements linked to specific intervention events, in this case, a specific treatment displayed in orange color in the QP example above.


How home bp data is obtained, managed, validated, presented, and understood are critical factors influencing patient participation in the treatment process.  Home monitoring can greatly increase the quantity of data, but without substantiation of proper bp measurement procedures, the data may be confusing and misleading.


The bp Quad Plot simultaneously displays SP, DP, PP, MAP and bp Classification as patients proceed through different trial treatments providing physicians with an overview of comprehensive treatment performance.  Supported by bp Classification histograms and parameter statistics, the bp Quad Plot provides a new dimension for the treatment of hypertension.


Two Treatment (Tx) Data Clusters are displayed in the Quad Plot (QP) above for a single hypertensive patient, yours truly, Mike Kohut:


Tx1  My Stage-2 Hypertension Baseline - Before Treatments
Tx14   My Present Normal BP - ARB+HCT Med + Exercise



Note: ARB is a class of BP Medication combined with a HCT diuretic.  I cannot overemphasize the effect of regular exercise and weight loss on BP reduction.  Itís the frosting on the cake!


The Quad Plot allows patients to instantly see the differences between treatments, helping maintaining patient involvement in the treatment process.  Physicians can readily make judgments on treatment performance and the quality of patient data, optimizing patient treatment.   The QP is a win-win for everyone!


Notice the different sizes of the data clusters in the QP example above.  I failed to use Resting BP Procedures during Tx1, as evident by the wide scatter and erratic data outliers.  During Tx14, I utilized Resting BP Procedures to improve the quality of my results.


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS





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