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Don't Forget to Rest

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Our daily Blood Pressure (BP) increases and decreases in response to our physical and mental activities.  BP increases during exercise or stress and decreases when we relax or rest.


Therefore, failing to rest before a BP measurement will produce results that are higher than your true Baseline or lowest BP.  Most medical diagnosis and treatment protocols assume that your BP results are at Baseline, and were obtained using Resting Blood Pressure Procedures.


Please use the following Resting BP Procedure before measuring your BP.  It will help your MD understand your BP and treat hypertension more effectively.


1 DO NOT exercise, use drugs, smoke, eat or drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages 30 min. before a BP measurement.
2 Place the BP cuff on your upper left arm or wrist as show in your monitor Userís Manual.
3 Sit quietly for 5 minutes and relax with back supported and both feet on the floor.
4 After 5 minutes, measure your BP following instructions in your monitor Userís Manual or as directed by your MD.



Home BP results obtained using Resting BP Procedures are now recognized as a better estimate of your true Baseline BP than those obtained by a MD or Nurse.  A doctorís office is not a very relaxing environment!


Thanks for resting,

Mike Kohut, President, DDMS





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