30 September, 2014    #18

iOS-8 Problem

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Apple recently published iOS-8, a new Operating System for its’ smart devices.  Since bp Trax and other apps have been adversely affected by previous iOS upgrades, we immediately began verifying bp Trax functionality with iOS-8.


Unfortunately, we discovered a problem with “Cancel Button” functionality on both bp Trax Report Screens and the MD Letter Screen.


When a Cancel Button is pressed on an affected screen, the following problems occur:


     The cancel function fails

     The screen freezes

     A screen area is  colored gray


At first, there seems to be no way to resolve this problem.  Even if bp Trax is closed and power removed, when reopened, the problem remains.

However, there is a simple method to restore bp Trax functionally:


   1. Double Tap the Home Button to display

          the multi-tasking view.

   2. Swipe Up on the image of the bp Trax screen

          you wish to exit.

   3. The bp Trax image will fly off the screen,

          restoring functionality.


We will publish a new version of bp Trax (1.17) after we thoroughly test and verify complete functionality under the iOS-8 Operating System. 

Thanks for your understanding,

Mike Kohut, President, DDMS





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