28 August, 2014    #13

Flying With Ballyhoos

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Straddling the bow of our small boat, the iridescent pastels of submerged corals flash their momentary colors as we speed towards Sand Key.  We are hydroplaning across an endless, transparent mirror reflecting clouds, sky and an infinite atmosphere without distortion.


Spotted Eagle Rays dart from beneath the bow like stealthy flying saucers in what is perceived to be just inches of water due to its liquid lens of crystal clarity.   Ballyhoos challenge us to short speed trials as they skip-by with winged fins and vibrating propeller-like tails dipped into the liquid mirror.


As reality begins releasing its gravitational hold, I find myself suddenly alone.  The constant drone of the engine seems to disappear along with the horizon.  There is no longer a delineation between water and sky and I am strangely suspended in an environment with no reference.  Just a breathless, weightless reflection flying inches above the mirror in astonished amazement.  It is simply splendiferous!


Suddenly, a bright pinpoint of acetylene light burns a tiny hole in the middle of the mirror as the Sand Key lighthouse flashes its distant arrival.  “Hey Mike, are you OK up there”?  Turning around, after gathering myself, I responded: “Yeah, Bobby, I’m fine”!


I was never sure how much time had passed, but it was a perfect day, in a perfect place, where Conch Life on Duval Street* now seemed a little less important.


Whenever I need to manage stress, I often find myself flying alongside Ballyhoos on my way to Sand Key, just beyond reality, West of Key West.


Look back onto your life and find your own special moment.  Use it to regulate and manage stress.  Your blood pressure will be watching! 


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS


* Duval Street (1.2 miles) connects the Atlantic with the Gulf of Mexico and is the social center of Key West.  Some attempt the inter-aqua "Duval Crawl" following excessive socializing. 






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