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Pulse Pressure

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Pulse Pressure (PP) is simply the calculated difference between Systolic Pressure (SP) and Diastolic Pressure (DP).  Pulse Pressure measurement units, like SP & DP, are mmHg.  The yellow lines in the graph above correspond to the PP values for the selected SP & DP points.




PP is a screening test for arterial compliance or flexibility.  As we age, our arteries loose flexibility and become more rigid.  Generally speaking, one might expect a PP of 40 +/- 10 mmHg when under 45 years and a PP equal to your age +/- 10 mmHg when older.


*** CAUTION ***


PP is only valid as a screening test when your BP is measured using Resting BP Procedures (See Trax News article #2 in the Library: “Don’t Forget to Rest ”).


Due to the variability of BP measurements, always average 5 or more PP results for the best estimate of arterial compliance or flexibility.


If you feel that your PP is too high or too low for your age, please check with your MD.  There are several highly accurate tests that can be performed to verify your results.


I hope this brief explanation helps you understand what PP is and why it is included in bp Trax.


Mike Kohut, President, DDMS






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