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Wrist  BP Monitor

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Resting Blood Pressure Measurement Procedure


DO NOT EXERCISE, SMOKE, EAT or DRINK (alcoholic or caffeinated beverages) 30 minutes before a Blood Pressure (BP) measurement.
Place the BP Monitor Cuff on your Bared Wrist according to instructions provided by your MD or BP Monitor User Manual.
Make sure the BP Monitor Cuff fits comfortably around your left wrist.
Sit quietly for five (5) Minutes and Relax with Back and Left Arm Supported with Both Feet on the Floor.  DO NOT cross your legs.
After relaxing five (5) Minutes, measure your BP following instructions provided by your MD or BP Monitor User Manual.
NOTE: Very important > The Wrist BP Monitor must be at heart level to obtain a reliable BP measurement.  Please check your Monitor User Manual for specific instructions on monitor placement.


bp Trax (iPhone App) has a count down time.  Cv Trax XL uses BP results from a Cardiac or Diabetic Class where BP is measured by Medical Staff.  However, when measuring BP at home, please use a timer for accurate results.

NOTE: These are guidelines to obtain blood pressure results that can be used to Classify, Diagnose and Treat Hypertension or high blood pressure. If you can not follow these guidelines, take you BP anyway and record a comment for your MD.

NOTE: Since the artery in your left arm is closer to your heart, it is always best to use your left wrist to measure BP. However, your right wrist can also be used.

NOTE: If the BP cuff does not properly fit your arm, your results may be incorrect.

Unless instructed by your MD, DO NOT use a combination of left and right wrists when measuring BP because there may be pressure differences between arms.

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Resting  is Important

Blood Pressure can change instantly in response to our physical & mental activities.

If Resting Procedures are not followed, your BP will likely be elevated from your Resting Baseline.

Hypertension is Diagnosed by averaging a minimum of 5 measurement results across several days in an attempt to obtain your Resting Baseline

Therefore, Resting BP  Procedures are essential in obtaining BP accuracy.

Blood Pressure taken by a nurse or MD in the Doctor's Office is only a screening test ... they DO NOT have the time to use Resting Procedures.  Sad, but true!


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