Dietary Applications for Cardiovascular Health
Exercise is Essential, but Diet & Nutrition are Decisive tm




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Educational Version
Purpose: ►
To Provide Students with the Tools, Knowledge and Support to effectively Track, Monitor and Evaluate Cardiovascular Health .
Improved Student Health, Enhanced Class Participation, Supplemental Dietary Education, Understanding Self-Monitoring and Diet  & Nutrition Graphics form a Personal Perspective.



Cv Trax XL was Designed by Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Patients.

Promotes Patient Participation in the Rehabilitation Process with Informative Graphics & Education
Extensive Nutrient & Calorie Tracking with Nutrition Facts Label (NFL) Education
Daily or Anytime Against Goals with Extensive Graphics
Medical Review:
Healthcare Provider Feedback with Printable Screens
Medication List:
Prescription Meds, Lifestyle Changes, OTC Drugs, Supplements, Herbs & Recreational Drugs
Treatment Plans:
Compares the Performance of Up to 10 Different Treatment Plans
Patient Goals:
Automatically Assigned Nutrient & Calorie Goals via Q&A, but Also Adjustable

Weight Goal:

Displays the Number of Calories to Maintain Present Weight.  Calorie Goal Change as Weight Changes
Instant Help on All Screens, a Dedicated Help Screen and Trax News Articles